Everywhere I go I always see beautiful things and places and wish I had a camera with me to capture what i’m seeing. My idea for these photographs is to capture everyday objects that have a sense of beauty with something that i’ve placed there, something personal. People always take pictures of the same things, so to put something of your own there makes it something different, something unique and a photo no one else will have.

Photography is something i’ve always been interested in and something I feel that I have an eye for. I have been taking pictures purely for arts sake for the last 6 years or so. Ever since I began studying art/design I have always swayed towards photography.

January 6, 2011

Evahaiku is a photographer I came across while researching. She is from Melbourne Australia, and apart from her beautiful pictures that is all the information I could find on her as she only has an account of Flickr. An unknown photographer in her own right she takes some beautiful pictures and is quite inspirational.

Daikichi Amano Photography

January 5, 2011

One word you can’t use to describe this photographer is normal. He just thinks of the most unusual things to photograph and because of this it is so interesting for us the viewers.  The Japanese photographer seems to dabble on the line of porn and art photography, but allegedly due to strict Japanese censorship rules which prohibit genitalia shots, he was forced to use other methods to express him self and hence the photographs we see today. Very obscure and out there but at least geting a reaction. Most of his work comes from the project  ‘Genki genki’ which translates to ‘good feeling’ in English. He also eats all the seafood he uses in his imagery to avoid animal cruelty activists getting on his case.


December 20, 2010


Layout Examples

December 14, 2010

Here are a few layout examples from the magazine i still have to do a little work on them but so far i’m really liking this project and I feel that the magazine is looking good so far.

Another one that is up to now still being worked on.

A re-worked version of layout no. 2.

RAW cover

December 14, 2010

After a few layouts and trials this is my final cover.

Editorial Inspiration

December 12, 2010

 I’ve been doing a lot of research on editorial designers as there are so many different styles of editorial design. I’m not going to put a tag or label on my magazine style as of yet but I have a fair idea of how I want it to look and the ‘vibe’ I want to exude to potential readers. Editorial Design has been my favourite aspect of design to date because of its flexibility in what you can achieve and do. You can use photography, illustration, typography alongside origami and other such things. It’s a very open area of design and perhaps is something I would like to explore for my final project 2011.

So here are a few bits and bobs I found while researching that are inspiring my design for Raw.



 The seventh Ein Magazin uber Orte is out now, this time a collection of images and words about The Sea, and starring this stark but beautiful front cover.



Esquire always very simple but eye catching covers. Here just a simple image with high contrast and contrasting pink colour. Looks well.



POP is a british fashion magazine co-founded in 2000 by Ashley heath and editor Katie Grand. The initial creative directors for the magazine were Lee Swillingham and Stuart Spalding. Grand origionally worked on the magazine Dazed and Confused.

   Alicia Keys Dazed & Confused Magazine Cover [United Kingdom] (June 2001)

Editorial design

December 11, 2010

For this project I started it off as an editorial with content regarding ‘reducing your carbon footprint’ and being eco-friendly. I researched what exactly your carbon footprint is and how we can reduce it. I wanted this magazine to have pull out inserts like posters and games relating back to carbon footprint reduction. As I continued and researched I decided to create a general magazine as it would reach a wider audience but still possibly have articles and content about being eco-friendly etc.

I want to create a magazine which promotes up and coming ideas/artists/designers and anything which I feel to be relevent in today’s market. With interesting articles, interviews, advertisements, photography, possibly an events section, craft section and facts and figures. Obviously there is a lot more that can go into a magazine like this and every month it will change and there will be new content.

Some of the names I came up with when developing the identity for the magazine were as follows, (bear in mind I was thinking eco-friendly at the time)

Base, Pure, Inhale, Air, Vent, exist, Erase, Clear, White, Fresh, Lush, Raw, Growth, Stand, Print, Green, World, Sprout….etc etc. The list goes on.

I decided to stick with Raw as I think it represents what I want to get across perfectly. Raw talent, new ideas new ways of thinking and up and coming artists and designers.

Here are some of my initial workings out in photoshop as I was designing an identity for the magazine.



But after much experimentation in photoshop and on paper I decided on this logo.

I worked with it on top of a few magazine layouts I put together and I fell that it worked the best in the style of magazine I want. It’s a ‘logo’ or ‘identity’ that is able to evolve and grow through time and I know as a designer how things do change, maybe not drastically but subtly over time. It’s nice to have a logo you can be flexible with and something that works on all kinda of merchandise, hence my reason for choosing this one in particular.

Another interesting one

December 9, 2010

100 selected images will be exhibited in a one week public exhibition at the prestigious Mall Galleries in the heart of London.

Of these 4 images in each of the five categories (Environment – Expression – Shape/Form – Motion – Time) will be shortlisted for a prize. All the shortlisted photographers will receive a double ticket to the celebrity private view and awards ceremony on 23 March 2011 at which the following prizes will be awarded:


Physical surroundings and conditions, esp. as affecting people’s lives
Conditions or circumstances of living
A structure designed to be experienced from inside


The act or instance of expressing
A person’s facial appearance or intonation of voice, especially as indicating feeling
A word or phrase expressed
Depiction or conveying of feeling, movement etc. in art


The total effect produced by the outlines of a thing
The outward aspect or appearance (esp. apart from colour) of a body or thing
A person or thing as seen, especially indistinctly or in the imagination
The mode in which a thing exists or manifests itself
The essential nature of a species or thing
A definite or proper arrangement
A printed document with blank spaces to be inserted

The act or process of moving
A particular manner of moving the body
A gesture

The indefinite continued progress of existence, events, etc. in past, present and future regarded as a whole
The progress of this as affecting persons or things
The personification of time
An event or occasion
The conditions of life or of a period (hard times, times have changed)
A prison sentence (e.g. doing time)
Any of several rhythms of music, eg waltz time

November 13, 2010

On a recent trip to germany i didn’t want to miss any classes so i thought it would be a good idea to skype in on them. It actually worked really well as i didn’t feel like i missed anything. I was able to present my work to a certain extent and recieve feeback etc.

Skyping into my class. Hey Robin!